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BAM brings flavors
of New York to area

Snohomish County Business Journal/JOHN WOLCOTT
John Locantore (left), owner of BAM barbecue restaurant, and Chef Frank Schatz have won rave media reviews of their food in recent weeks. The restaurant is small, but many of the orders are takeouts for home kitchens, picnics or parties.

By John Wolcott
SCBJ Editor

BAM — Barbecue and More — is one of the newest of more than 15 restaurants in Old Town Arlington and one that’s getting a lot of attention.

Although New Yorker John Locantore has been in the Northwest for more than 20 years, he hasn’t lost his accent or his love for barbecued ribs and chicken or pastrami and corned beef sandwiches.

He opened his business on West Street, a block from Olympic Avenue, several months ago in the small retail center that includes the Arlington Pharmacy, La Hacienda and RadioShack.

“I grew up in a family of fantastic cooks. My New York flavors are new to Arlington, but people love my food. Now I’ve added pastrami, and I’ve got people coming from Seattle and Renton for it,” he said.

He makes his own Italian sausages, barbecue sauces that range from mild to “insane” and side dishes for his meals, but people talk the most about the tenderness of his barbecued meats — and the size of the servings.

“Having people come here is like having them come to my home. Italians like to make sure no one goes away hungry, and that’s what we do here, too,” he said.

Locantore also caters food for small to large groups and plans to keep expanding his menu.


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